Feeling something like an uneventful, non-week in most ways, so with minimal preamble, let’s just dive straight into it…

Thursday 6th

Anna Meredith (credit: Gem Harris)

Anna Meredith – Trinity Centre

With the release of 2016’s Varmints, composer Anna Meredith breathed new life into experimental music. The jaunty, yet oddly nightmarish ‘Nautilus’ since became a pinnacle device utilised in the Netflix series Living With Yourself, and Meredith herself has provided further soundtrack detail on projects including Bo Burnham’s directorial debut Eighth Grade. Last year saw the release of her second solo outing, Fibs, which followed in the bombastic, unpredictable style of its predecessor. An evening at the Trinity Centre this Thursday brings her music from the background to centre-stage, for the attention it undoubtedly deserves. More here…

Friday 7th

Poliça (credit: Zoe Prinds-Flash)

Poliça – Thekla

Back in 2018, Channy Leaneagh fell from her roof while clearing ice, smashed her L1 vertebrae and battered her spine. It was this debilitating accident that initially inspired the creation of How We Stay Alive, Poliça’s latest album, but it is so much more than a reflection on that alone now. It is a meditation on trauma, the methods we use to get through and past it, if we can, and if we cannot, how trauma may be handled, in order to heal and once again feel in control. It’s one of the band’s finest, if not the finest. Their previous sets in Bristol have always been a treat for audiences, so it’ll be a pleasure to see this new material shoulder up with fan-favourites such ‘Dark Star’ and ‘Very Cruel.’ More here…

The Menzingers + Mannequin Pussy + Spanish Love Songs – SWX

The Menzingers are a solid punk band, make no mistake. Through their six album career, they’ve done live stints with Anti-Flag, Against Me!, mewithoutyou, and Pianos Become the Teeth, to name but a few. But on this, their UK headline tour in support of last year’s Hello Exile, they’ve brought along some extremely special guests. Mannequin Pussy are certainly a band you want to catch while they’re in town – Patience was undoubtedly one of 2019’s best albums, but if you can bring yourself to go back even further, Romantic and Gypsy Pervert are likely to charm you all the same. Spanish Love Songs on the other hand are set to open the show, and you’d best be getting there early to catch this set. Check out single ‘Kick’ from Brave Faces Everyone below. More here…

Saturday 8th

Timedance – 5 Years: Shackleton + Giant Swan + Metrist + Anina + Batu – Trinity Centre

There seems to be a lot of Birthday celebrations for events in the early months of this year, but honestly, who’s complaining? What better way to get through the cold, dark and dreary days than with something positive to look forward to at the weekend? Timedance is turning five, and they’re bringing their A-Game to the Trinity Centre on Saturday. If you’ve been lucky enough to score tickets, prep your ears for some serious bass, and ultimately, have fun dancing your socks off at this one. More here…

Sunday 9th

Shopping (credit: Jenna Foxton)

Shopping – Rough Trade

Shopping at Rough Trade is a good idea, but Shopping performing at Rough Trade is an even better one. And by sheer coincidence, All or Nothing is the title of their latest album, and not just a reflection of my spending habits. Now based in Glasgow, but still retaining the heart of a London band, Shopping’s kinetic dance-punk is an absolute must for the calendar if you’ve yet to see them live. And, you know… a tenner gets you a ticket, and a copy of the album to get signed after the show. What’ve you got to lose? More here…

Monday 10th

Angel Olsen – SWX

It’s an absolute blessing that Angel is returning to Bristol at such an unmatched career high. All Mirrors was a transformative step for the artist to take, moving away from the fuzzy indie rock that first gleaned the critical and public eye on Burn Your Fire For No Witness. Starker, baroque numbers build on her impeccable aural repertoire as Olsen boldly shifted her course and saw it pay off in spades. You simply cannot afford to miss this one, dear reader, I assure you. More here…

Tuesday 11th

Only Fools and Corpses + Red Terror + Bayonetté + Frankie Delta (Food Bank Benefit) – Exchange

You know how during the Christmas holidays, food bank donation points would practically be overflowing from the goodwill bestowed upon them? It would fill your heart knowing that people were making an effort. But we’re in February now, and have you looked at those donation points lately? Or put anything toward them? They’re mostly empty. And contrary to popular belief, people need to eat year round. It’s therefore with great pleasure to feature this show in our Gigs of the Week. A bill of punx procuring produce for those in need. Ticket prices are a fiver, and obviously bringing along your personal donations of tinned goods, cereals, rice, pasta and juice, will make all the difference. More here…

Wednesday 12th

black midi – Marble Factory

black midi feel responsible for bringing math rock to the mainstream with the success of undeniable success of Schlagenheim, or at the very least, they’ve re-opened to door for bonkers experimental noisists to reach bigger audiences. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely a band capable of bringing in the numbers, as tickets pretty much vanished before the new year even started. The hype is strong with these ones. More here…


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