Thursday 7th factoids – It’s the midpoint of Autumn (have you got your big coat on yet?). It’s the day we celebrate the birth of Lorde and Tinie Tempah and lament the passing of Leonard Cohen in 2016. One fact you can’t simply Google online, though, is that it kicks off another week in gig paradise, aka Bristol. Fill your diary. Fill your ears.

Thursday 7th November

Michael Kiwanuka (Photo: Olivia Rose)

Michael Kiwanuka – SWX

Rough Trade presents an in-store on tour. They’re crossing the road, with due care and attention, to present Michael Kiwaunka at SWX, assuming (quite reasonably) that a fair few people might just be eager to attend. It’s all in honour of his new album, Kiwanuka, which has him looking regal on its cover and sounding imperious in its suite of songs. More here…

Stef Chura + Grandma’s House – Old England

When she released Midnight earlier in the year, Stef Chura stepped out from the vaguely self-conscious, slightly apologetic background of her own already-compelling compositions to vent her angst more vehemently. You’ll hear an even rawer, securer, more assured Chura at The Old England, at this show that was originally booked in for Hy Brasil, when Hy Brasil was still a thing (sob). More here…

Friday 8th November


Sinkane + The LBJBs – Trinity

Another artist on tour, presented by a venue on tour, Sinkane comes to Trinity at the behest of Colston Hall, while the aforementioned institution gets a makeover and a rebrand. Sinkane’s most recent release is even named Dépaysé, meaning “taken out of familiar surroundings,” capturing his experiences as an immigrant in modern America. It’s all rather fitting. More here…

Sunday 10th November


Yonaka + Zuzu + Rusalka – SWX

Back in May, when Yonaka released their debut album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow, it sounded like the perfect record for learning to give less of a shit and to live more. The title track suggests that either seeking help or braving self-help starts in the here and now. And they rescued the song title ‘Rockstar’ from the bargain bin that Nickelback had dropped it in. Hear Yonaka live. Live your best life. More here…

Tuesday 12th November


Tinariwen – Trinity

For the second time this week, The Colston Hall welcomes travellers from lands afar to The Trinity Centre. Tuareg nomads, Tinariwen bring their sound, evocative of the vast expanses of arid Sahara, into the great indoors of SWX. Not only is their new album, Amadjar, a great late offering for 2019, but you can also catch the brand-new, evocative mini-documentary on YouTube. More here…

Jamila Woods + Zilo – Exchange

In the same way that people argue that punk is a expression of being more than a genre, the same could be said about soul. Singers of soul do so from the heart, as is evident in the tones and words of Jamila Woods. Her album, Legacy! Legacy! takes an iconic figure from black history in each song, and examines their legacy, whilst herself putting together an inspiring body of work. More here…

Wednesday 13th November


Sorry – Louisiana

Many English people have a tendency to be apologetic for the most innocuous or ludicrous things, like making you wait behind them in a queue, or having to break into a jog when you hold a door for them, even though they’re way back down the corridor. London-based duo, Sorry sound suitably bold, like they’re not remotely up for treading lightly around situations. See them and have no regrets. More here…


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