Somewhere around this time of the week, I do like to contemplate just how many gigs I can manage to fit into the next seven days. If you’re at all similar, we happen to have curated a little list of joys you could sample below. Go forth. Get gigging.

Thursday 9th May


bdrmm + Vinegar + Afternoon – Hy-Brasil

Just listen to the opening of ‘Heaven’ by bdrmm and tell me that you’re not up for a cheeky Thursday-nighter at Hy-Brasil. Vocally hazy and shoegazey, there’s also a rich seam of crisp, full, indie-goth guitar work that enriches their work. Support is stellar. Entrance is free. More here…

Tia Gostelow – Rough Trade

The title of her debut album, Thick Skin reflects how Tia Gostelow made her way from early success with her debut single, ‘State of Art’ (when only sixteen) through grassroots-level shows with tough crowds, to touring the US and Europe, ending up in the salubrious environs of Rough Trade. Another free show! More here…

Friday 10th May

Better Oblivion Community Center
Better Oblivion Community Center (Photo: Nik Freitas)

Better Oblivion Community Center + Conor Oberst, Phoebe Bridgers & Christian Lee Hutson – O2 Academy

It’s not a typo, this is Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, supported by Phoebe Bridgers, Connor Oberst and some other bloke. That’s basically like ordering a main course for your starter and then troughing a second one when everyone else has nibbled their meagre hors d’oeuvres. You’d better be hungry. More here…

Cut Capers + The Bristol Hornstars – SWX

Celebrating their new album, Metropolis and offering their one and only home town show of 2019, Cut Capers play SWX with their potent mix of swing (must… avoid… obvious… pun…), their mighty horns (no puns… no puns) and their hip-hop stylings. Big band. Big beats. Big fun. More here…

Saturday 11th May


Drahla + Sleep Eaters + Swallow Cave – Louisiana

It’s likely you’ve seen a favourable review or several recently of Useless Coordinates by Drahla. There’s a good reason for that. Their brooding, dark, atmospheric post-punk has more prickle than that hedgehog that hospitalised Pete Doherty. Restless is best. More here…

Lewsberg + Hum Fuzz + Tremolo Ghosts – Rough Trade

Named after Dutch poet and writer, Robert Loesberg, Rotterdam’s Lewsberg keep the poetic tradition alive with lo-fi alt-rock tunes, accompanied by the recitation of observational lyrics. Imagine Craig Finn with less of an attempt to sing, or an extra-beatnik Velvet Underground. More here…

Sunday 12th May


Agata + Ead Wood + jemima coulter – Louisiana

We offered up ‘Farewell To Nothing’ by Agata on the site for a first listen at the end of April and you seemed to rather enjoy it. In the lyrics, she follows up the three-word song title with, “I’m starting something new.” A rising star of the Bristol music scene, catch her exciting newness on Sunday night. More here…

Priests + Apostille – Rough Trade

Punching consumerism and apathy in the face since 2012, it was no surprise that Washington D.C.’s Priests returned this year with The Seduction of Kansas, a focused tongue-lashing of all that makes Americans grate about what faceless corporate figures do to homogenise American towns and minds. More here…

Monday 13th May

Emerson Snowe

Emerson Snowe + Emily Isherwood (solo) + Gins – Old England

We’re accustomed to frank and open Australian singer-songwriters through acts like Courtney Barnett and Stella Donnelly, so we ought to embrace Emerson Snowe with open arms, and not just because he looks like he could do with a hug. Fresh from The Great Escape, he ought to be in fine form at The Old England. More here…

Do Nothing + Gork + Spang Sisters + Benjamin Spike Saunders – Rough Trade

Do Nothing were originally called Field Studies. ‘Field studies’ involve wandering around in the countryside with a clipboard. In contrast, managing to ‘do nothing’ takes a lot more effort and consideration. Monday night is a perfect night to be busy doing nothing in the live room at Rough Trade. More here…

The Nude Party + A Swayze & The Ghost + Langkamer – Hy-Brasil

With vocals like Jagger and a lush bed of guitar gorgeousness reminiscent of Alabama Shakes, The Nude Party make us feel gloriously unburdened by life’s heavy emotional clothing. I’m also hoping that they have formed a political wing and are planning to seek election. More here…

Tuesday 14th May

Weakened Friends (Photo: Anthony Yebra)

Weakened Friends ¡Ay Carmela! + SØFT – Exchange

Common blah is often the noise that we filter out of the daily schlep. That said, there is often great emotion and human insight that comes from heartfelt personal stories. Portland indie-rock trio, Weakened Friends’ album, Common Blah is full of the latter. Let Sonia Sturino’s vocals scour your senses clean. More here…

Wednesday 15th May

Alfa Mist + Laura Misch – Trinity

Producer and pianist, Alfa Mist has followed up his much-vaunted 2017 album Antiphon with Structuralism, released in late April. It’s just more of the same… keyboard wizardry, subtle arrangements and limb-loosening earworms. His April 2018 show at Thekla was a joy to behold. Expect yet more ‘more of the same’ at Trinity. More here…


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