19th October | SWX

SWX is Bristol’s newest venue, and is absolutely bursting at the seams tonight. A homemade GOAT figurine is held aloft in the crowd, and the atmosphere is like little else seen in the city this year. It’s for good reason too – a consistent highlight of the festival season for the last four years, the Swedish seven-piece have now produced three albums of their tribal-tinged psychedelica, each more impressive than the last.

Despite the triumph of latest album Requiem, it’s the band’s live show which gets them the most plaudits, and tonight unequivocally shows why. From the off, GOAT make every song feel like a fists-up rock show and a head-bowed techno rave simultaneously, and once the crowd figure out exactly what’s going on up on stage, their reaction is wild.

‘Try My Robe’, Requiem‘s lead single, is the band’s newest hit, and maybe the closest they’ve got to writing such. The band’s dual vocalists thrash about at the front of the stage relentlessly, and their infectious energy is more than reciprocated. The show’s highlight comes in the form of ‘Run To Your Mama’, the band’s most well-known song (maybe because it’s the only track they’ve released where the lyrics are audible enough to be worthy of a singalong), which is given a glorious, drawn out middle section.

When a band makes their name on the festival circuit, it’s always a worry as to how they’ll perform on a cold Wednesday night, and not in a sweaty tent at 2am with more than a few ciders in bellies, but GOAT dispelled any slight worries tonight, showing they’re a band for every moment.

Listen to ‘Try My Robe’ below.