16th March | St. George’s

A new intimate series of shows is taking place from this Saturday at St. George’s, where small audiences will be treated to enlightening and engaging sets from some of Bristol’s most revered and vibrant acts. The series is starting suitably with one of the city’s most relevant and curious of songwriters, in Kate Stapley.

Kate Stapley has made a name for herself for writing bold, vulnerable and wonderfully personal music. It’s the sort that embodies the wholesome exuberance of a musician’s personality, while being unafraid to be welcoming and open, converting every anxious conscious and sub-conscious experience into tender and unabashed songs, full of poetic identity.

Taking on this unique matinée show while in the midst of writing her first album, Stapley will treat the audience to some of the new music she has been crafting, while giving a little insight into the stories and feelings behind her work. Constantly full of animated energy and a wicked humour that only proves the amount she places herself within her music, Stapley is a great artist to begin a series of sessions that will offer a singular and personal experience for an engaged audience.

See Kate play ‘Irises’ live here: