3rd December | Louisiana

Kojaque is a Dublin-born rapper, producer and director who is currently making waves on the Irish hip-hop scene. The Dubliner, whose real name is Kevin Smith, has featured on NME’s list of essential artists for 2019 following the success of his debut record, Deli Daydreams.

Alongside Kean Kavanagh, Kojaque co-founded his record label, Soft Boy Records. By establishing a strong sense of working in-house, collaborating with fellow label artists and notable Irish producers such as JarJarJr, Soft Boy Records have become synonymous with Irish hip-hop, with Kojaque being the poster boy.

Deli Daydreams dropped in February last year; the self-produced album features eight tracks that offer an open discussion about emotions and his personal experiences of growing up in Dublin. Tracks like ‘Poltiksis’ and ‘White Noise’ delve into the stagnant state of his hometown, while ‘Bubby’s Cream’ and ‘Eviction Notice’ taking you on a journey from denial to acceptance of a relationship coming to an end. The album provides an ethos of accepting vulnerability.

In his latest collaborative project with Luka Palm, Kojaque moves away from the soft, melodic tones of his first project. Green Diesel sees influence from trap music on the track ‘Airbnb’ as well as Kojaque’s signature soulfulness shining through on ‘Date Night’ and ‘Paris, Texas’. Influence from Luka and producers New Machine, Matt Finnegan and Kean Kavanagh provide a more energetic final product than his solo debut.

Kojaque is bringing his ‘baby, I’m a shitbag’ tour to the Louisiana – 3rd December.

See the video for ‘Phoenix’ by Kojaque & Luka Palm here: