Top 5 best moments of Last Resort | Feature


Last Resort is a club night that pride themselves on dishing out the best pop-punk, emo, and nu-metal on a bi-monthly basis. From T-Swift, to Linkin Park, Blink 182 to Papa Roach, there’s some serious bangers to contend with and all for free at their regular Bristol haunt, The Exchange.

“Last Resort started when a gang of pals, all working in music, went to one too many shabby, lazy ‘alternative’ nights that was a fiver on the door, and we decided we could do better,” explains Last Resort co-founder Adam Brooks. “Built on the principles of free entry forever, and spending any money we make on future nights, it’s now five years old (in London), a year old (in Bristol) and happens regularly in both cities, as well as at the odd festival and gig.”

As the collective celebrates their first birthday in bringing Last Resort to Bristol, Brooks takes a look back at some of his fondest memories. Were you at one of these momentous occasions?

5. Tooth fairy

At an early Last Resort that was particularly rowdy, somebody got in touch a few days later asking if anyone had handed in the tooth they’d lost on the night. I think it was the same night we had a bride and groom arrive who’d come straight from their ceremony, and the night that at one point a crowd-surfer peeled off a piece of the ceiling and handed it to us over the decks.

4. T-Swift fan turns 22

At a recent Bristol night, we realised between the intro and the chorus of Taylor Swift’s ’22’ that a guy in the crowd actually turned 22 that day – giving us just enough time to let the crowd know (via megaphone) and for him to take a lap of victory on his pal’s shoulders while we set confetti cannons off around him.

3. Last minute Linkin Park

Not all of the top 5 moments are moments of glory. I’m duty-bound to mention time someone knocked over a pint which then poured directly into the main plug socket, prompting a FIVE MINUTE crowd singalong to Linkin Park. In a basement. In pitch darkness. With no music playing.

2. Partying at Download festival

A few years back we were invited to DJ all three nights of Download Festival – meaning that not only were we conjuring circle pits out of a few thousand people each night, but also that technically (TECHNICALLY) we followed The Prodigy, Metallica and Sabbath.

1. Happy birthday!

On Sat Dec 12th Last Resort celebrates its first Bristol birthday at The Exchange. We’ll be giving out 100 presents. We’ll be playing Slipknot, Neck Deep, Missy Elliot and Panic! At The Disco. There will be cake, confetti cannons, £2 drinks and of course free entry. You really should be there.

All info for their first birthday can be found on the Facebook event.

In the meantime, check out a video of that special Download appearance right here: