26th-28th July | The Wyldes, near Bude

When the pinnacle of your national political hierarchy is occupied by a cartoonish class clown, a caricatured collage of privilege, soundbites and Fuzzy Felt, it’s probably time to hide in the Cornish countryside for a weekend and construct your own Utopia at Leopallooza.

Indeed, there was something prescient in the organisers’ planning when they selected Utopia as the fancy dress theme for the Saturday night. We can all look forward to enabling our better selves. Anyone who dresses up as a gammon in a blue rosette will be treading a fine line…

What began as an adventurous birthday party over a decade ago has turned into Cornwall’s best concentration of musical acts that you’ll find in one weekend. 2019 sees headliners Friendly Fires, The Vaccines and Feeder. Before you claim that the latter only did that song about having a brand-new car eighteen years ago, like a couple of wronguns have done in my presence, get on Spotify and check out their nine-album career and a track like ‘Fear of Flying’ from their forthcoming album, Tallulah, then prepare to jump around on Sunday night.

Leopallooza’s absolute winning hand is always its undercard. You’re guaranteed to leave with a list of new bands that you’ll love and a wish list that your bank balance will hate, such as Annabel Allum, Bad Sounds, Childcare, Crows, Findlay, Flyte, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Heavy Lungs, The Howl & The Hum, Lady Bird, Paris Youth Foundation, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, or Charlstonray on the Introducing Cornwall Stage.

As well as the Main Stage and the Second Stage, there’s the noisenik’s nirvana of the Mono Stage, the ambient sunshiney rave of the Treeline and the after-hours bass bounce of the Hong Kong Ping Pong Club. Chuck in comedy, Dinkies – the smallest nightclub imaginable, literally loads for littluns and a burning car (yes – an actual car, actually on actual fire) and you’re blatantly onto a winner.

It’s a chance to retreat from a world where the American political leader is named after a British slang term for an expulsion of rectal gas and the British leader is named after an American slang term for a phallus. Turn on, tune in and drop out.

See the video for ‘Sugarcane’ by Childcare here: