Aeon Festival | Live Review


The South West is ultimate festival territory if ever there was one. During the winter throbbing sounds of free parties break the Cornish/Devon/Somerset country side silence; during the summer numerous ‘official’/legal events pop up like mole hills.

Situated in the heart of Devon, next to an expansive lake and only a twenty minute walk from Crediton (me neither), Aeon is what you suspect Glastonbury was like thirty years ago, only with bigger beats as its soundtrack.

I’d like to give a round up of the bands, but (and I’m going to be honest) I didn’t see many, and event the ones I did see, well, I have no idea who they were. The good thing about this is though, is that Aeon never felt like anyone was there for one thing, band, or reason. It was a brilliant example of a real summer event, there for the sake of giving people a nice environment to be in, while having enough entertainment to keep you going after you’d drunk too much cider.

The ‘Temple of Dance’ tent was really where it all went down – a massive pyramid structure was the stage (the bricks lit up at night), while the DJs span tracks ten feet above on top of it. Old TVs were placed even further around this structure, and weird visuals were assorted throughout the day to give the tent a real atmosphere. As good a set up as you’ll find at any festival, even the bigger ones.

The security weren’t aggravating, I didn’t see a single policeman the whole weekend (there’s really NO need for them at any festival – get them out!), the sound was top quality for the whole weekend, the crowds were perfect, the weather was on our side. The lack of a backstage meant that everyone was together for the whole time. While four blokes disappointed anyone with a half a brain somewhere in Reading for a supposed ‘monumental’ reformation, four thousand people had a genuinely, non-hyped, randomly brilliant weekend. Kudos to the Aeon team.
By Nicholas Burman.

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