Marika Hackman // Photoset

21st September | Thekla

If a small child came up to you and said, “When I want to grow up, I want to be Marika Hackman,” you’d be deluged with thoughts and feelings: would Marika just want you to be your own excellent, fearless self? Might some elements of Hackman-emulation get you in trouble at junior and senior school? How did one so young develop such excellent musical taste (possible credit to the parents there)? Would Marika even want you to ‘grow up’ – adulthood being some con, passed down as a means of mind/state control?

Whatever the answers to the questions above, there was a packed audience below decks at Thekla, glad that the world could be Hackman-shaped for at least that one night. Jessica Bartolini was one such devotee, armed with her trusty camera.

See the video for ‘hand solo’ here: