Jed Hampson talks of the dark side of love. Depicting the frozen, blackened edges that appear once the fairy tale is over, his latest project Midas the Cloud tackles love and loss at its most brutal core.

‘Can We Sleep’ is a sparse, introverted track that allows Hampson’s candid lyricism to speak truths that rarely escape the confines of the heart and the mind. Taken from his debut EP Black Ice, it’s the first taste of an artist spreading his wings, floating above situations that are showcased with vigour, unafraid to hold back from the rawness of the experience.

“I feel blue but we’re both shades of black” he utters before the track erupts into frenzied, layered instrumentation, Hampson’s vocals pressing a venomous weight onto an emotion that still feels sore.

Released on 30th November, Black Ice is released through Fame Throwa Records. You can watch the video for ‘Can We Sleep’ below.