Mura Masa // Photoset

January 19th | Fleece

It takes a brave artist to take a tried and tested approach and decide instead to try and test the faithful with something new. That artist is Mura Masa and that bundle of newness is his brand-new album R.Y.C. (Raw Youth Collage). It’s more than raw and it’s certainly more than just a set of his youthful musical influences pasted together, but it does signal a tectonic shift from his earlier EDM-influenced material into territory defined by the likes of Slowdive and Joy Division.

Tell that to devotees of ‘1 Night’ featuring Charli XCX, and they wouldn’t believe you. Tonight’s set ranged from the perkiness of that limb loosener to the wooziness of ‘Today’, which features Tirzah on the album, as well as featuring a guitar line that smacks of 3AM, but rather more like the wee small hours at the end of your mate’s house party after you’ve persuaded the last shambling irritants to leave, than 3AM still giving it some on a club dancefloor.

Evolution for some. Revolution for others. Vive le difference, say we.

See the lyric video for ‘Today’ (with Tirzah) here: