October Drift // Photoset

3rd May | Thekla

There must have been all manner of “whatever floats your boat”-style puns made hilariously in Thekla’s honour over its 35 years. Potential nautical reference possibilities are manifold – salty dogs, pirates, mutiny. So the fact that they decided to celebrate another big birthday with three bands far more likely to induce utter shipwrecking madness rather leaves us, in terms of all the puns we had studiously scrawled on the back of a Rizla packet, completely scuppered.

Let’s begin by stating the polite. We wish Thekla the happiest of birthdays. Thirty-five feels kind of grown-up, but as we know, the best grown-ups still know how to party like they’re forever fifteen. Let’s then state the provocatively obvious. Thank feck Thekla is still there despite the attempts of soulless, penny-pinching developers in the vicinity and because of the efforts of all those who met, spoke and fought, as well as those took the ‘Agent of Change’ Bill through parliament. Long may you run, Thekla.

The opening act, Belishas, singing ‘Nothing’s Changed’, served two purposes – to get the mosh muscles warmed up and to stimulate thought about the many stages of Thekla’s existence, since it began as The Old Profanity Showboat. Profanity, as any fool knows, is one of the joys of life, and Some Bodies will have provoked many a response of sweary approval from their energetic set, lead singer Tom Nosek every inch the charismatic rabble-rouser. Indeed, Kiran Roy, lead singer of headliners October Drift took a leaf out of Nosek’s book and sang whilst hanging off the balcony that overlooks Thekla’s stage. Not only is the world blatantly Kiran’s climbing frame, but it is also this band’s to conquer.

Everything about October Drift screamed ‘headliners’, not because they were on last, or because someone else put their name at the top of a poster, but because they sounded like the sort of band that you’d happily scream yourself hoarse with, write off the next day of work for and queue for long and hard at the merch stand, for a t-shirt to replace the one that fell apart under an ocean of your frenzied sweat.

Check out Mar Reyes’ photos from the night above.

Seethe video for ‘Come and Find Me’ here: