25th November | Thekla

Pumarosa have been an ambitious band from the start. Their debut single, the seven-and-a-half minute epic, ‘Priestess’, showed them off as a group unwilling to fit into the usual musical moulds. Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength.

Their latest album, Devastation shows them stretching in new directions while staying true to their self-described “industrial spiritual” sound. Frontwoman, Isabel Munoz-Newsome is as out-there as she’s ever been, but the lyrics on this new release show her moving in a more introspective direction. Songs like ‘Heaven’ and ‘I Can Change’ explore relationship breakdowns, while ‘I See You’ addresses Munoz-Newsome’s challenges navigating a male-dominated world.

The album also sees Pumarosa expanding their instrumental palette. As the name Devastation suggests, the album’s sound is energetic and destructive; it’s filled with glitchy percussion loops, grizzled guitar tones and even the occasional trumpet freak-out. Among the more aggressive tracks, there are still glimpses of serenity, such as the gently swaying ‘Lost In Her’.

Pumarosa have always had a reputation for ferocious live shows. Now that they’re armed with this new set of exciting songs, you can expect the wildness on their upcoming tour to be dialled up a couple more notches. Let’s see what they have in store.

See the video for ‘I See You’ here: