Shame // Photoset

3rd December | Rough Trade

They were only over the road on 15th November, but Shame obviously can’t get enough of Bristol, and it’s a sentiment that Bristol clearly reciprocates unconditionally. They returned to Rough Trade, the scene of their album-launching in-store in January (see our Gigs of the Year for further details of that riotous joy) to celebrate their coronation as Rough Trade’s Album of the Year for 2018. Those present knew they could rely on someone like Charlie Steen, the band’s boiler-suited, bellowing bovver boy to blast the Live Room at Rough Trade with a rough tirade. They knew that they could rely on the rest of the band to generate enough energy to power Bristol’s Christmas lights until the middle of March. Naomi Williams made it to the front with her trusty camera, so that she could feel the ‘Friction’ and taste the sweat.

See Shame perform ‘One Rizla’ on Later… with Jools Holland here: