22nd May | Exchange

John Peel once acknowledged his outrageous fortune in being able to earn a wage by playing records that he liked and intermittently talking about them. Peel’s “All I ever wanted to do was hear music I like and play it to other people,” could so easily be imagined coming from the mouth of the Daddy of BBC 6Music, Steve Lamacq.

At a time when many a 90s/00s taste-maker is being shepherded politely by execs towards the afternoon nap show on Radio Easychair, 6Music rightly keeps genuine music nuts like Lamacq and Mary Anne Hobbs at the heart of their schedule.

His recently-updated book, Going Deaf For A Living, accounts candidly for his very many years working in the music industry. He’s not only helped to expose to us the likes of IDLES recently, but also Portishead back when they first blew our minds with Dummy, through The Evening Session on Radio 1 and subsequent shows. But he also has a consciousness inherently full of tales, particularly of the heyday of print journalism through his time at the NME, when it was actually made of real paper and at the peak of its powers.

This book, and tour, especially focuses in on the era of grunge, Britpop and indie music. It’s a chance to hear a down-to-earth bloke talking about out-of-this-world encounters, the stage-door nerd with the backstage pass, the kid who was permanently left in the sweet shop to grow up on a diet of sherbet lemons and Curly Wurlys.

Exchange is the place to be if you have daydreams of going from zine to scene, being paid to go deaf for a living, if Lammo’s voice is simply music to your ears or if you’re just eager to fanboy/fangirl the guy.

See the new video for Lamacq-lauded Wasuremono’s ‘Self-Help’ here: