Sunset Sons // Photoset

20th November | Thekla

Straightaway, Sunset Sons rocked this particular boat with ‘Eyes Wide Open’. The audience was suitably wired from that moment on. ‘Bring The Bright Lights’ extended the theme of clear-cut and energetic honesty. Once we reached ‘Medicine’, it was possible sedation we needed, more than we needed any stimulation, but its bold indie rock ‘n’ roll  was a further shot in the arm.

‘Superman’ turned the tempo, but neither the intensity nor the emotion down, as did ‘The River’. Having a song with the lyric, “He sold you down the river,” at the end of your set is rather challenging those assembled to evaluate value for money. Those assembled below decks on this evening had clearly had too much of a good time for such pragmatic TripAdvisor-y considerations. They looked like they were thinking of that person who’d let them down in the past (and enjoying the splendid musicianship, obvs).

See the lyric video for Superman here: