The Aces // Photoset

19th November | Louisiana

It’s a topsy-turvy world where people get wildly over-excited at the prospect of The Spice Girls coming to town in Spring 2019, but allow the visit of The Aces to pass without due comment. Fortunately, Bristol In Stereo has its priorities straight and our photographer, Jessica Bartolini was there to take this photoset.

‘Girl Power’ was The Spice Girls’ thing. Whereas the phrase always struck as a bit cringe-y, the ethos of being the kind of band that you’d be happy to see as role models for confidence and self-respect was admirable. The Aces have this quality in droves. like in the song ‘Just Like That’, which painfully but empoweringly moves on from an ex, or on ‘Physical’, tackling the misconception that to be in an all-female band is a big deal and is all about the image.

On Monday night at Louisiana, The Aces gave us a powerful set. It wasn’t girl power, woman power, lady power or any specific manifestation of female power. It was 80s-soaked guitar-pop power, energetic live-performance power and inspiring human power. It’s a source of power that feels much better for the environment and one that is renewable.

See the video for ‘Physical’ here: