February 27th | Fleece

The Big Moon have made a career of pinching and warping elements of genres throughout rock history and turning them into unashamedly upbeat songs. The melodic structures of their music sound lean, the efficiency of their composition creating some truly potent highs throughout their discography. It is likely this very potency helped their debut, Love in the 4th Dimension gain a Mercury Prize nomination in 2017. It is also this potency which makes them such a brilliant band, one that sounds timeless, and consistently enjoyable to listen to.

‘Your Light’, the third single from The Big Moon’s second album, Walking Like We Do, embodies the band’s ethos in its five minutes run-time. The video begins with the London quartet cycling down a country road towards camera, lazily pedalling through a picture-postcard British landscape, as post-punk vibes betray the genre’s leanings towards more positive intentions.

As the chorus first arrives, a dip into controlled pop-rock, accented with harmonious “ah-ah-ah”s , some 80s synth notes, and some of the husky and stunning vocal work of lead singer, Juliette Jackson, the intensity raises. By the time the last chorus plays, and the bicycle baskets are filled with singing alien puppets and synths have gone full-M83, the song has dipped and soared, now feeling like an unrestrained, optimistic, and sun-bleached proclamation of love.

See the video for ‘Your Light’ here: