13524291_10157017180310150_3875146221823047935_nEvery month we give someone the chance to get something off their chest. This month: Adam Brooks, co-founder of Last Resort!

More on them:

Our pop-punk, rock and emo night, Last Resort, now lives in two cities (Bristol and London) and holidays at a bunch of festivals every year. One important difference between us and many other nights is that entry is always free, and we don’t make a profit – not because we’re shit; but because we choose not to. We don’t consider it a ‘brand’, part of a ‘career’ or treat it like a business; we invented Last Resort to ensure the night we’d like to go to ourselves existed, doing it all in our spare time.

On the downside, this means the people DJing Brand New into Neck Deep at 3am are the same people stood outside the Academy with the flu flyering in the rain. There’s no promo team and no backup, bar the good people at the Exchange (our supportive and ace Bristol home). On the upside, it means the night is ours, we play what we like, everyone’s welcome and any money made goes on confetti cannons, gifts for the people that come and plenty of surprises next time around.

We suspect it’s that foundation in being free and fun that meant a bride and groom showed up fresh from their ceremony one night, that someone called the venue the next day asking if anyone handed in their tooth, or that somebody politely handed us a bit of the ceiling at 2am. We also think some nights should exist for the sake of existing. Who knows what lost memories, ruined shoes, friendships and one-night stands would never have happened if we had our eye on the bottom line instead?

Some of the most exciting, fun and inspiring events we’ve been to in Bristol have been free or pay-what-you-want, from Show and Tell at the Wardrobe Theatre to The Free for All Festival at Stag and Hounds – events that recognise that arts and culture are for, and needed by, everyone. Even if by ‘culture’, you actually mean bellowing out Sum 41 with 200 of your new friends while confetti cannons go off around you (told you it wasn’t wise to get In Too Deep).

Last Resort BRS #10 is at the Exchange on Saturday 8th October and will be, as always, free.