Fiery and funky from the very beginning, Three Kings High have exploded back onto the Bristol music scene with second album They Think They’re People.

The six-piece are well-renowned for jiving in Mr Wolfs after the success of their first album Hail, but now they’ve made way for intelligent, tongue-in-cheek work which might be their best to date.

Playing on the lead singer’s Arctic Monkeys northern-dialect vocals, the band merges funk, neo-soul and gritty punk rock with ballsy guitar riffs.

Track ‘Reckless’ is worth getting so excited by that you dance and headbutt until you slosh your drink everywhere. It combines melodic vocals with sheer electricity. Really, this band has all the rawness of young Red Hot Chili Peppers rehearsing in a garage – it’s big, it’s clever and it deserves absolute musical momentum.

Three Kings High play Free For All Bristol on Saturday 7th January. Check out ‘Nowhere Fast’ below.