It’s tracks of the week time and it’s about to get TASTY:

Lizzo – Cuz I Love You

The real knock-out blow from Lizzo’s recent one-two of killer singles. Whilst ‘Juice’ was a smart Prince update, ‘Cuz I Love You’ is a ritzy piece of classic pop, but with glossy modern production that pushes Lizzo’s vocals to the absolute limit. From the off it hooks you in with the pristine production and it won’t let you go till the end.

Anna Lisa – Give Me A Reason

A skittering, hypnotic debut from Bristol singer-songwriter Anna Lisa. Over dark guitar loops with sparse percussion, Anna Lisa expertly manipulates auto-tune to take her subtle vocals into incredible places, giving the song an edge of unpredictability and beauty. An impressive first release that reveals a big future for Anna Lisa.

AllegrA – Spoon or Fork

A beautiful mix of emo and bedroom pop from Philadelphia’s AllegrA, the latest signing from Citrus City.The wonderfully confessional track’s brilliant guitars and husky vocals help it to build from its twinkly beginnings to something a bit grittier. Make sure you catch the full EP ‘Yet, Not Enough’ when it comes out next month.


Dark, infectious pop from BABii. ‘SEiiZURE’’s spacey, rattling production and swelling synths underscore the breathy vocals, painting a perfect nocturnal picture. It’s a track that uses space exquisitely, the swirling production wrapping around the intimate vocals, drawing you into the murky layers.

Manny Bianco – Hiatus

The latest release from the brilliant Bowlcut Records, ‘Hiatus’ from Leeds artist Manny Bianco. The track is a crackling piece of lo-fi bedroom pop, the almost whispered vocals and hypnotic synths a joy to behold.

Sir Babygirl – Crush On Me

Sir Babygirl’s incredible debut album came out this week, as well as ‘Crush On Me’, the trippy outro song that has been treated to an equally head spinning video. The song flips Sir Babygirl’s usual bubblegum pop into a trippy, looping refrain, yet still keeping the polished production that has made Sir Babygirl such a joy.

Tacocat – Grains of Salt

We haven’t heard from Tacocat for a minute, but ‘Grains of Salt’ shows that the band have definitely spent their time away well. It’s possibly the tightest the band have sounded, the slowed down disco drums and groove-laden bassline immediately giving the track a sheen and infectious pop core. It’s a track that shakes off the band’s lo-fi shackles, embracing a smoother sound to brilliant effect.

Rex Orange County – New House

I mean, by this point, you know what you’re getting from Rex County Orange, but that in no way diminishes his ability to take your breath away. ‘New House’ is not one of his most sunshine hits, but shows his growth as an artist, with its instrumental switch-ups, touches of autotune and unpredictable songwriting. An impressive stride forward.

Pet Shimmers – Feels Hz (feat. Goat Girl)

Our favourite new Bristol act Pet Shimmers have followed up their excellent debut single with the blisteringly good ‘Feels Hz’, with some extra special help from Goat Girl. ‘Feels Hz’ is awash with rich textures, the delicate acoustic guitars and intricate vocals often being overwhelmed by bubbling electronics and the dreamy basslines. With every release the project feels like its building towards a very special place.

Denzel Curry – Bulls On Parade (Like A Version)

Generally, we try and stay away from covers like this on our tracks of the week round up, but god dammit this is very hard to ignore. Denzel Curry’s TA13OO was one of our favourite albums last year, and his cover of Rage Against The Machine classic ‘Bulls On Parade’ absolutely rips. As well as absolutely nailing the vocals, Denzel drops his on verse in the middle, tearing into the track at twice the speed.

If you’ve quite recovered, come back next week for more CONTENT.