Think that fireworks are the only things that bang? THINK AGAIN:

HANYA – Radio

A moody, shimmering debut track from Brighton’s Hanya. Drenched in echo, ‘Radio’ takes its time, building slowly but surely, whilst shoegaze style guitars washing over Heather Sheret’s powerful, impassioned vocals. A brilliantly gritty first outing from the duo.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Party For One

It was never going to not be perfect was it. Carly Rae’s back after a year or so away, and is back with a brilliant ode to being alone/wanking. Over glittering production she delivers one of the year’s best choruses and instantly makes everything ok.

Vince Staples – FUN!

Vince surprised us all this week by dropping an entire album without warning and obviously the whole thing is incredible. ‘FUN!’ was released alongside a brilliant Google Maps featuring video, and its dark yet bouncy beat is the perfect fit Vince’s enthusiastic flow. It feels like heat off tarmac, and manages to sound both carefree and dark at the same time.

Treeboy & Arc – Selma

A juddering piece of post-punk from Treeboy & Arc that layers the band’s usual sound with echoing synths, coming out sounding like the best New Wave band you’ve never heard of. It’s the perfect hors d’oeuvre for when the band come to Bristol this Friday, speaking of which…

Chest Pains – Love Thy Neighbour

Treeboy & Arcs co-headliners have also put out a new single in support of their new tour, but take a much darker road. ‘Love Thu Neighbour’ starts with the cutting line “The NHS is closing down but Richard Branson’s Richer now” and doesn’t let up from there. The track squeals with razor guitars and a menacing bassline, leaving no stone unturned in their attacks.

Ead Wood – Oceans

Dozy psych-pop from Bristol’s Ead Wood. The dreamy feel of the track is quickly blasted away by fuzzed guitars, whilst the vocals help to ramp the track up even more. Like the bath he bathes in durning the video, ‘Oceans’ is an all-encompassing escape, warmly surrounding you from every angle.

Suzi Wu – Grim Reaper

Glitching, disorientating but with a pulsating pop heart, ‘Grim Reaper’ is the first offering from Suzi Wu’s new EP ‘Error 404’. From the softly drawled intro to the eclectic mix of samples, ‘Grim Reaper’ never does what you expect it to, twisting and turning away from the melodic resolutions you want to hear. It’s wholly original and brilliantly creative.

Iceage – Balm of Gilead

Despite already sticking out an album this year, Denmark punks Iceage have decided to treat us to a new single. Played with their signature mix of intensity and chaos, ‘Balm of Gilead’ is is one of the more straight-forward songs the band have released in a while. Part of a spilt 7” with Black Lips, the tracks chugging guitars actually make the Danes sound a bit like Black Lips themselves, but with Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s drawled vocals making the whole track feel syrupy.

Come back next week for more great new music.