Find out what we’ve been endlessly listening to this week:

Lazy Day – Double j

One of the best new guitar bands around are back with the killer ‘Double j’. The gritty guitars combine with Tilly Scantlebury’s one-of-a-kind vocal, switching between tense and angsty, to smooth and chill in a second, before diving into one of the project’s best choruses to date. Yet another reason why Lazy Day are the best band around.

Cult Film – Mona

The debut track from exciting new Southampton-based artist Cult Film – and the first release from the newly formed Devil Town Tapes. ‘Mona’ is a dark piece of bedroom-pop indulging in the same lo-fi, hazy energy as Alex G at his most introverted. The sparse instrumentation and low, monotone vocals are hypnotic, and you’ll barely realise the beautiful, shimmering layers that collect on top by its finish are there. An exciting beginning point for Cult Film.

Holiday Ghosts – Just A Feeling

More catchy as hell blues-flavoured guitar pop from Falmouth’s finest. Compared to their usual 100mph train-ride of guitar licks, ‘Just A Feeling’ is decidedly laid back, its rubbery guitars underscoring the melancholy, introverted lyrics.

Jamila Woods – Zora

Compared to the soul flavoured previous work of Jamila Woods, ‘Zora’ is something of a left-field step. The production behind her flawless voice is lush and spacey, splashing cymbals and a simple key line providing the backbone. As usual, It’s Jamila’s vocals that steals the show, understated yet full to the brim with character and beauty.

W.H Lung – Simpatico People

A shifting, absorbing single from Manchester’s W.H Lung. At over 10 minutes long, ‘Simpatico People’ is an epic; a swirling, technicolour wave that stretches on for eternity without ever letting you look away. But behind the bright psychedelic synths, there’s an urgency and energy to the track, a driving motorik rhythm and smooth vocals that recall the more washed out parts of Television. Absorbing to the last second, ‘Simpatico People’ is a track to lose your mind to.

Charly Bliss – Capacity

Bustling, charming lo-fi pop from Charly Bliss. Simple, buzzing synths underline Charly’s fantastic vocal, with the track keeping a swooning, 80’s vibe throughout, never truly exploding, but instead gliding along, whilst its outrageous drum fills and angelic harmonies give ‘Capacity’ a glitzy feel.

WOAHNOWS – No One Else

Another hot little number from Bristol’s WOAHNOWS in preparation for their new album. A pining love song, a frank admission that no one else will do, with chiming yet heavy guitars, the power-pop song soars, full of witty lyrics and heartfelt honesty.

Oliver Tree – Hurt

This was released at the end of last year, but now has one of the most fun and outrageous videos to accompany it, so really get stuck in.

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