It’s new music o’clock, please listen below:

Yaeji – One More

After Yaeji’s break out EP last year ‘EP2’, we’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear what was coming next. ‘One More’ doesn’t disappoint. A lo-key, bouncing piece of house it has Yaeji switching effortlessly between English and Korean whilst subtle keys and plunging bass never overpower the soft vocals, but give the song an infectious groove.

Swimming Girls – Beneath You

The most explosive song from Swimming Girls – who are currently out on tour with Pale Waves. ‘Beneath You’ glides along, with twinkling guitars and soft synths giving it the feel of an 80’s heartbreak song, before bursting into colour on the chorus. Cinematic and glittering, ‘Beneath You’ is another step towards pop domination for Swimming Girls.

Rose Droll – Hush

Husky lo-fi hip-hop from Father/Daughter’s latest signing Rose Droll. Over simple, isolated pianos, Rose’s quiet voice whispers through skipping verses. The instrumental shifts to hypnotically plucked guitars, adding layers of instrumentation, all of which compliments Rose’s vocals.

Radiators – Hell’s Itch

We were excited to share with you this fuzzy garage-psyche monster last week, and we’re excited to share it with you again. Have a listen.

Oscar – Runaway

Oscar has shifted up another gear with ‘Runaway’ moving from jangling guitar to, well, just straight-up pop. His understated voice mournfully drifts over the top of a pulsating bassline, metronomic kick drums and 80’s inspired padding synths. Melancholy, dance-floor ready pop at its best

Young Thug – High (Feat. Elton John)

Good of Thugger here really isn’t it. Get us all to remember dear old Reginald. We’d have probably forgotten about him wouldn’t we, if it wasn’t for Thugger. But lucky for Reg, Thug said come hop on the track, and here we are.

She Makes War – London Bites

Bristol’s She Makes War reveals the second side of her new double-a side single. Written about when she first moved to London aged 18, the track is a cautionary tale full of crunching guitars and soaring vocals.

Joe Probert – I Couldn’t Want Your More

We premiered this fizzing new guitar-pop number from Bristol’s Joe Probert last week but if you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you don’t miss out and listen now.

Tungz – Fruit

Bubbling, smooth funk from Bristol’s Tungz. Featuring an hypnotic bassline, choppy funk licks and a glacial synth, ‘Fruit’ pays an homage to the 80’s whilst staying thoroughly modern.

Poisonous Birds – (You’ll have to work it out)

Not going to lie to you here, I haven’t actually listened to this new track from Bristol’s Poisonous Birds. Nor do I know its name. But that is not for lack of trying. You see, Poisonous Birds – the clever boys that they are – have hidden the track behind a series of clues. See you can crack the code and be handsomely rewarded.

Check back next week for more of our favourite new songs.