Check out what the songs that have been spinning around our head all week:

Hussy – Slayer

A husky, dark, brooding number from London’s Hussy. Gritty lo-fi guitars carry the song, before suddenly the tone shifts, clouds dispersing, with a dreamy, hypnotic chorus. The subtle vocals sink low into the track, but at key moments bring it to life, creating an ever-shifting, entertaining listen.

INDIGOs – Breathe In

This brilliant, fuzzy debut single from Bristol duo INDIGOs premiered on the site last week and totally blew us away in the process. If you missed it the first time around have a listen now.

Anderson .Paak – Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Unfortunately what we have here is the most fun song of the year, meaning that we’ve reached 2018’s peak. Might as well chuck it all in now and move straight to 2019 because Anderson .Paak and Kung Fu Kenny have blown everything out the water with this slick piece of funk-flavoured hip-hop.

Lost Under Heaven – For The Wild

One of the most direct Lost Under Heaven songs they’ve made yet. With sharp electronic drums and a relatively subdued guitar, the crisp vocals are pushed to the fore – with Ellery James’ usual emotion-over-enunciation vocal delivery hitting hard yet again. A surprising twist on Lost Under Heaven’s sound.

Charli XCX – 1999 (feat. Troye Sivan)

Charli and Troye miss 1999. Like Prince before them, they have identified the turn of the millennium as a pretty fun time, and ‘1999’ basically sounds like the best new years party that never happened. Oh yeah also they are dressed like The Matrix on the cover so yeah that’s pretty cool.

Pond – Sixteen Days

Aussie psych weirdos Pond are back again with the smooth ‘Sixteen Days’. Whispered vocals and the bubbling, funk bassline – plus the p-funk style keys – twist the bands sound into something a lot sleeker but no less mind-bending.

Soccer Mommy – Henry

A beautiful new single from Soccer Mommy. A simmering, autumnal number, ‘Henry’ glides along on light, twinkling guitars, with Soccer Mommy’s yearning vocal melting away into the soft instrumentation.

Ålesund – Shift & Flux

We premiered this beautiful, glacial piece of electronica last week and it’s been in our heads over since. Combining powerful vocals, shimmering guitars and bubbling electronics, ‘Shift & Flux’ is an addictive listen.

Party Hardly – Football

Leeds four-piece Party Hardly turn their bubbling carefree sound to something a little more serious on new single ‘Football’, examining the nation’s favourite sport’s wage inequality. Their fizzing, loose guitars and groove-laden bassline act as a sheath for the track’s more sober message about gendered wage inequality, not just in football, but in the world as a whole.

Come back next week for more of our favourite new music.