Get stuck into our favourite new songs:

Self Esteem – The Best

More brilliant off-kilter pop from Self Esteem. It’s a bustling, masterful piece of songwriting, the slowly evolving production and Self Esteem’s versatile vocals pushing the constantly-in-motion track towards brilliance.

Homeshake – Just Like My

Weird, wonky, soulful lo-fi pop from Homeshake. Like a 00’s R&B banger stripped of its sheen and re-recorded by a lonely man in his basement, ‘Just Like My’ is brimming with sorrow and heartbreak, the soft bass and shimmering percussion making it sound like a fever dream.

Sean Addicott – Restless Bursts

A stunning, enveloping debut from Bristol’s Sean Addicott – previously of Springbreak. The first piece off Tapesleep, an album that Sean will be releasing as a reflection on sleep, from the perspective of someone with insomnia, on 19th April, ‘Restless Bursts’ is a slowly blossoming piece, the lushly swelling bass growing from a small speck to fill every space, while twinkling shards of sound glitter. As the piece progresses, slowly dying back down in a fog of echo, you’ll barely believe that only around 8 minutes has passed.

Girlpool – What Chaos Is Imaginary

A woozy, atmospheric new one from Girlpool. Centring around a haunting organ loop, the track flourishes in the spaces left between the instrumentation, meaning that when the melancholic strings enter halfway through, they hit you square in the chest, a barrage of sorrow that mixes with the soft vocals wonderfully.

Pond – Daisy

A slowly blossoming psych trip from Pond. Starting peacefully, the song’s swirling layers and glitching electronics combine with lush strings before breaking into sharp, in-your-face pop-psych about a minute in, the band’s endless ability to write a hook again coming to the forefront. Then last few minutes loop back around again; washing layers of noise and colour, lulling you into a trance.

Abstract Typography – Lose Your Illusion

Biting slacker-rock from Bath’s Abstract Typography. The first single since the band’s debut EP, ‘Lose Your Illusion’ feels brighter than previous tracks from Abstract Typography, its choppy, crisp guitars underlining the rasped, deft lyrics. The full-throttle chorus adds to the ruckus, and though there’s an electric energy that runs throughout, the band retain their loose, shambolic charm.

Kayla Painter – Sacrificial Magic

Another richly atmospheric cut from Bristol’s Kayla Painter. Cascading yet stilted guitars trickle over Kayla’s looping, absorbing drones, with the mystical, chanting vocals providing a disorientating centrepiece to the track. It’s both earthly and otherworldly, an expertly textured listen.

The Malarkey – Eloise

Bristol up-starts The Malarkey follow up their track from last year with the dreamy ‘Eloise’. With chiming guitars and delightfully intertwining vocals, the track has a sepia, nostalgic feel, its rough ‘n’ ready nature and ear-worm chorus recalling many of this millennial’s chart topping indie big-hitters. Find it on Spotify here.

Heavy Lungs – Jealous

Bristol hellraisers Heavy Lungs are back with another pummelling slice of punk. The track’s razor-wire guitars and gut-rattling bass are unsettling and forceful, but it’s the spit vocals that really go for the jugular. It’s a self-deprecating, angsty attack, and the boldest song the band have released yet.

Cherry Glazerr – Wasted Nun

Fizzing, crunching garage-punk from Cherry Glazerr. ‘Wasted Nun’’s gritty guitars and soft vocals culminate in a rising chorus that hooks itself into your head. Like a sweet rubbed in dirt, ‘Wasted Nun’ is both bright and dirty.