We’ve thrown all the INGREDIENTS (some great new tracks) into the POT (this webpage) and now you’ve just got to eat the FOOD (a list of great new music). Bone apple teeth:

Tamu Massif – Get Some Sleep

A beautifully atmospheric, glitching new track from Bristol’s Tamu Massif. The looped refrain of “Get some sleep, get some” has a hypnotic, lullaby-like quality, whilst washing synths and sharp percussion samples trigger in the background. Calming and enveloping, the track points towards an exciting year for Tamu Massif.

Fake Laugh – Honesty

Crooning, rubbery guitar-pop from Fake Laugh. Back for the first time in 2019, ‘Honesty’ combines all of Fake Laugh’s best aspects: the wistful vocals, shimmering guitars and hook-laden choruses, but with an extra-spicy solo tacked on the end.

Post Yoga – Caught

The title track from Post Yoga’s brilliantly eclectic first release has been given an equally weird and woozy video. The track is a mesh of 80’s keyboard tones and a constantly ticking drum machine, with the tender vocals giving it a human edge.

Pet Shimmers – Persona Party

The debut track of the brilliant new Oli Wilde-led group Pet Shimmers. Slow and syrupy, ‘Persona Party’ mixes fuzzed, lo-fi guitars and haywire electronics, with beautiful, harmony laden vocals draped over the top. It’s an intriguing first glimpse of the project, and its texturally rich sound means there’s a lot to dig into.

Harvey Causon – London Stock

One of our favourite releases from last year has now got a beautiful new video to accompany it. Harvey has slowly been winning the hearts of everyone in Bristol, and ‘London Stock’ is his most impressive track yet.

Self Esteem – The Best

Another track that’s already graced our ears (and these pages) before, but whose brilliant video has made it even better. Self Esteem yet again makes the case for being one of the most creative and exciting pop artists around.

Some Bodies – Tired All The Time

We premiered the first track from Some Bodies double AA debut single earlier today, so it seemed like a good idea to give a little attention to ‘Tired All The Time’, its sister track. Spacey, sultry and sorrowful, ‘Tired All the Time’ is like if Grease took place on the moon. It’s glitzy and modern yet with a warm vintage feel and a deliciously catchy chorus.

Housewives – Smttnkttns

A cranium-scrambling mix of electronica, noise and psychedelia from Housewives. The track begins with dense, unpredictable and dark sounds, unnervingly hitting you with sharp stabs, before mellowing and moving into a discordant yet decidedly dreamy phase, with monotone, autotuned vocals and layers of synths. Fantastically weird.

Come back next week for our favourite new songs.