The last tracks of the week round up until the new year I’m afraid, but don’t worry it’s a good one:

Martha – Heart is Healing

Oh how we’ve missed Martha. Coming back out of hibernation with the brilliant news they’d signed to Big Scary Monsters, the Durham four-piece serve up a track that perfectly encapsulates their special brand of punk. Lighter than previous tracks, it  still packs emotional weight and the kind of shout-along chorus that Martha specialise in.

Snapped Ankles – Drink and Glide

A bustling, weird piece of synth-heavy psyche from the permanently camouflaged Snapped Ankles. The driving drums and constantly rumbling bass lay the ground-work for the  whirring synths and urgent vocals, letting the song stream-roller forward, picking up more and more pace, before climaxing in a chaotic mesh of noise.

Summer Heart – Touch

Minimal, smooth R&B-flavoured electronica from Summer Heart. His soft vocals dance over the rattling percussion, the swelling, bouncy synths putting one in mind of Jamie Woon. It’s catchy-as-hell and thoroughly impressive piece of mournful pop.

Angelic Milk – Acid and Coca Cola

PNKSLM serves up more magic with this unnerving new track from recent signee Angelic Milk. Glitching and gothic, ‘Acid and Coca Cola’’s lush spaces and organs are suddenly pushed aside by a claustrophobically thick layer of guitar, while Angelic Milk’s vocals contorts over the top.

Woahnows – Dipping Out

Brilliant power-pop from Bristol trio Woahnows. The stuttering, sharp guitars mirror the anxiety of the lyrics, but the soaring chorus helps to expel all the pent up frustration as the singer admits “I only smoke to dip out”. The track is the first one off new album Young And Cool which comes out February 22nd on Specialist Subject.

Ariana Grande – imagine

Mike Oldfield – In Dulci Jublio

Merry Christmas from the best festive guitar solo ever

See you in the 2019!