It’s the first tracks round up of the year. Check out what you missed whilst you were stuffing your face:

Sobs – Astronomy

Some shimmering indie-pop from Sobs that could take over a galaxy. From the off, the tracks wonderfully dense guitars wash over you, the thick, spaghetti riffs driving the song’s bliss-filled melodies. The soft, understated vocals drift over the top, adding another joyous layer into the mix. It’s fun, carefree and brilliantly catchy.

Mouse – Escape

One of our one’s to watch in 2019, Bristol’s Mouse is setting her sights on pop domination with new track ‘Escape’. Glitching, icy production sits behind Mouse’s glossy voice, the cutting kick drums slicing the verses up, before the rattling, expansive chorus skewers the track together. A perfect start to Mouse’s 2019.

Noname – Song 31 feat. Phoelix

It’s a sign of just how special Noname is that she can put out a song as captivating and beautiful as ‘Song 31’ and it not be part of an album. ‘Song 31’ expands on the jazz-influenced songs of Room 25, her effortless, skipping flows hypnotically drawing your attention. Another breathtaking cut from the Chicago rapper.

Benjamin Spike Saunders – Ernest

A beautiful, tender new song from Bristol’s Benjamin Spike Saunders. Written about his Grandfather who recently passed away, ‘Ernest’ is a raw, touching tribute, the soft guitars and gentle harmonies provided by Zander Sharp and Fenne Lily giving the track a warm, intimate feel. Benjamin is raising money for Dementia UK and you can donate here.

Newscaster – Rumours

Groove-laden post-punk from Virginia. Self-released, ‘Rumours’’s razor guitars mix with tight disco drums, whilst the vocals are melancholic and melodic behind their layer of fuzz. The track is a delightfully unpolished gem, the lo-fi qualities helping to hide the brilliant song-writing in plain sight.

Honey Gentry – Aphrodite

A sparse, ethereal new track from Honey Gentry. Her layered vocals and haunting piano are the bedrock of the track, but only once it starts to build – with strings and crisp, electronic drums suddenly entering – does it truly blossom. A wonderfully otherworldly piece.

Lizzo – Juice

A addictively funky new cut from Lizzo. The Prince-inspired guitars blend seamlessly with her choppy flow, but it’s her humour and playful lyricism that truly make the track shine, elevating it from just rehashing the past to something that feels truly modern.

HUT – Milk & Cigarettes

Bristol two-piece HUT have delivered this gritty, biting new number to help shake off those post-festive blues. The slinking, menacing verses give way to a weighty, riff-laden chorus full of crunching guitars and punching drums. A real bone-shaker.