Lafawndah never ceases to amaze us with just how stunning and spellbinding her creations are. With the strikingly cinematic and atmospheric ‘You, At The End’, Lafawndah makes a hugely welcome return, and from this first taste of her upcoming new album (due out in September), it already promises to be a truly staggering work of art.

Elsewhere this week Arca’s new much-anticipated KiCK I is here! Featuring Björk, SOPHIE and Rosalía, it’s everything we could have hoped for and more. We’ve also got incredible new ones from Tei Shi, Qhairo, Lynks Afrikka, Kelly Lee Owens, Sofia Wolfson, Dai Burger and more. Another great week for new tracks, enjoy our playlist below.

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More of the same next week!

Photo credit: Ib Kamara