Photo by Rowan Allen

Get absorbed in this week’s collection of great new music:

Tropic – No Cigar

Young Bristol trio Tropic quietly wowed us last year with their debut single ‘A Continuing Saga #3 (Deja Vu)’ and have continued their ascent on their arresting new single ‘No Cigar’, out now via Leisure Records. The track starts off disjointed and jazzy, with singer Jack Ogborne’s deep croon holding everything together, before it switches and snaps into a tight, urgent rhythm. It’s an electrifying listen the subverts your expectations at every turn. The band play a headline show at The Louisiana on Wednesday.

Pema – Depend

Smooth, hypnotic pop from Alex Napping’s alter-ego Pema. ‘Depend’ locks into groove almost immediately, a loose, deep bassline playing off Pema’s light, intimate vocals. The scattered harmonies and chiming production fill out the sound, creating a confident piece of alt-R&B.


Iceage – Take it All

We’ve already seen a few sides of Iceage in the run up to their new album, but ‘Take It All’ might be the furthest from their punk origins yet. The track is awash with beautiful violins, twinkling piano lines and shimmering guitar, whilst Elias Bender Rønnenfelt puts in one of his most emotional and croonerish performances yet.

Snail Mail – Pristine

A strong new single from Maryland’s Snail Mail. Like the tracks off previous EP ‘Habit’, ‘Pristine’ distills small town angst into a confessional guitar track, but the added sheen on the instruments, plus the enthralling, intricate lyrics, show how Snail Mail has grown as an artist since the EP.

Let’s Eat Grandma – Falling Into Me

Less glitching than the audio-assault of last single ‘Hot Pink’, ‘Falling Into Me’ has a more conventional and less jarring structure, but still retains the pair’s ear for audio experimentation. The song shifts from one place to the next, with throbbing bass one minute, then glittering pianos, then sweeping synths. An ambitious yet accessible new piece.

Lice – Stammering Bill

Lice have been one of the most exciting, noisy and nasty bands in Bristol for a while now, and this week set their sights firmly on the rest of the world with the announcement of new double EP ‘It All Worked Out Great’, released via fellow noisy/nasty Bristol boys Idles’ new imprint Balley Records. ‘Stammering Bill’ is the first taste of the new EP, and boy oh boy it doesn’t disappoint. The pummelling bass and unhinged guitar are forceful enough, but throw in Alastair Shuttleworth’s chaotic vocal, and the track is a true assault on all senses.

Fake Laugh – Better for Me

More of the soft, introspective guitar pop that made Fake Laugh’s self-titled debut last year such a wonderful listen. The cascading guitars give way to a pining chorus, with his soft-as-feathers vocals yet again pulling at the heartstrings. Beautifully dreamy.

Something Anorak – Pretty Little Box

We premiered this earlier this week, but give it another spin now.

Lost Under Heaven – The Breath of Light

Drenched in reverb, numerous layers dance just under the ‘The Breath of Light’’s surface, occasionally rising up, expanding and swaddling ‎Ellery Roberts’ beautifully harsh vocal, which, like always, steals the show. A ballad that plays light off dark with captivating brilliance.

Ho99o9 – [Street Power]

Another absolutely bat-shit trip through Ho99o9’s warped mind. ‘[Street Power]’ combines the group’s penchant for dark, crushing hip-hop with thrash perfectly; the slower, menacing verses fill with rattling hi-hats and pulverising bass, perfectly bleeding into the razor-like guitars of the chorus. The track was on the group’s 2017 album United States of Ho99o9, but is still an absolute rager.

If you’ve recovered from that last track, come back next week for some more.