Photo by Simon Holliday

Wych Elm – Monkey Jaw/Help Me

Technically two songs, but thanks to the brilliant video these two dark tracks from one of Bristol’s most exciting new acts have become intertwined. Wych Elm’s menacing blend of grunge, Pixies guitar lines and otherworldly aura have created something utterly unique and unsettling. Pre-order the band’s debut EP ‘Rat Blanket’ via Post-Mortem Records now.

Oro Swimming Hour – Zzz

Bristol’s finest duo are back, inviting you to again jump into their warped-pop world. ‘Zzz’’s hazy synths and laid-back guitars wrap around the pair’s vocals, the warmth and simplicity giving the track a lullaby-like feel. An excellent return.

Bonsi – A Friend

Warm, lo-fi R&B from Bristol’s Bonsi. Released via Deertone Records, ‘A Friend’ is a sparse, atmospheric track, with crackling drums and echoing piano melodies growing to fill the space. It’s an intimate, hypnotic introduction to Bonsi.

Better Oblivion Community Center – Service Road

It feels almost pointless explaining why this is brilliant because, as you probably already know, Better Oblivion Community Center is the new project from Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst. If that doesn’t sell it for you, then dive headfirst into ‘Service Road’, a beautiful, wintery ballad with Phoebe’s delicate vocals elevating Conor’s melancholy confessional.

Pip Blom – Daddy Issues

Biting guitar-pop from Pip Blom. The first peep at their debut album, ‘Daddy Issues’ is the most infectious song the band have released yet, with the crunching guitars and the catchy, repeated questioning of ‘what you wanna do?’ being left spinning around your head for hours after.

VC Pines – Vixen

Chiming indie-pop form VC Pines. Blending soul and bedroom pop with gliding lyricism, ‘Vixen’ is an apology for being ‘mentally vacant’. The verses are musically sparse, but packed full of witty and aerobatic lyrical turns. The chorus flips this entirely, becoming an expansive, catchy piece of yearning guitar-pop.

Triggerwhxre – Life In Sawdust

A murky blend of rap, bubbling lo-fi synths, and skittering beats, ‘Life In Sawdust’ is something sonically fresh. The beat scrapes together all kinds of musical elements, pulping together into a static-filled, echoing landscape, whilst Triggerwhxre’s sharp, brittle verses attack over the top.

Slonk – Strange

More fantastic lo-fi fuzz from Slonk. The Bristol artist’s new EP was released on Breakfast Records on Friday and ‘Strange’ is yet another beautifully confessional track, with tender backing vocals and soaring violins underscoring Slonk’s turmoil. The grunge breakdown in the middle only adds to the track’s angst, signalling a perfect curtain raiser to Slonk’s 2019.

ASTRYD – Lapse

Nocturnal, industrial techno from ASTRYD. Released via Dialogue – who have been curating some of the best techno nights in Bristol the last few years – ‘Lapse’ gently pulsates whilst crashing, glitching samples slice in from all angles. Perfectly built for 4am.

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