The Creative Republic of Cardiff has announced it intentions to re-open much-loved Cardiff venue The Full Moon as a ‘non-profit, community-led venue and arts space’ through it’s Reboot the Moon campaign.

Based on Cardiff’s famous Womanby Street, the venue is one of three venues that the city has lost in four months. Creative Republic of Cardiff is made up of ex-staff members and friends of the venue. They plan to take over the lease before reopening it as an artistic hub in the city.

The Creative Republic of Cardiff say that they are currently in positive talks with the landlord, but that they need to show that they have community support for the new venture. The group have started an IndieGoGo in order to collect the funds needed to help complete the takeover – such as the lease, licensing, legal fees, and various costs associated with reopening as a fully functioning venue.

The campaign is currently over a quarter of the way to receiving the money it needs.

Watch the Reboot The Moon campaign video below: