Elliott Simpson


Poliça // Preview

"They have a knack for crafting airy, electronic moods, built around frontwoman Channy Leaneagh’s spacey vocals." Elliott Simpson previews Poliça at Thekla.

Anna Meredith // Preview

Anna Meredith
Anna Meredith "slots classical instruments alongside more contemporary ones in ways that shouldn’t work as well as they do." Elliott Simpson previews.

Cousin Kula // Preview

Cousin Kula
"Spacey psychedelia and smooth R&B... the sound of a crooning alien calling you back to its outer space bachelor pad." Elliott Simpson previews Cousin Kula.

The Big Moon // Live Review & Photoset

Big Moon
"Moving past the grungy rock of their debut, the band have embraced a fresh, warmer sound." Elliott Simpson and Craig Simmonds review The Big Moon.

Slaughter Beach, Dog // Live Review & Photoset

Elliott Simpson and Albert Testani review "Ewald’s shaggy chord strumming and characteristic talk-singing," from Slaughter Beach, Dog at The Louisiana.

The Big Moon // Preview

Big Moon
"The Big Moon succeed at pushing their sound in a new direction with these songs." Elliott Simpson previews The Big Moon and their Rough Trade in-store.

Football FC // Live Review & Photoset

Football FC
"Every element of the band’s sound has a raw feel to it, even the keyboard." Elliott Simpson and Luke Macpherson review Football FC at The Old England.

Slaughter Beach, Dog // Preview

Slaughter Beach
"Ewald has a knack for crafting songs that are intimate, sad and frequently gorgeous." Elliott Simpson previews Slaughter Beach, Dog at The Louisiana.

Football FC // Preview

Football FC
"Football FC have quickly climbed the ranks of Bristol’s music scene." Elliott Simpson previews Football FC at The Old England.

Steve Mason // Live Review & Photoset

Steve Mason
“'If you’ve ever wondered what you can get in B&Q for £24, it’s this.”' To what was Steve Mason referring? Elliott Simpson reveals.