Lorenzo Ottone


Confidence Man // Live Review

Confidence Man
"Not only do Confidence Man sound good, but they also look stunning on stage." Lorenzo Ottone reviews the Aussie duo's show at The Fleece.

Stereolab // Live Review & Photoset

Stereolab "never really needed a swaggering hit because they had sophisticated pop writing skills." Lorenzo Ottone and Kristina Kimlickova review.

Pip Blom // Live Review & Photoset

Pip Blom
"Pip Blom magnificently manage to bring together hip indie kids and BBC6 Music dads." Lorenzo Ottone and Callum O'Keefe review.

Pip Blom // Preview

Pip Blom
"Strokes- and Parquet Courts-like infectious melodies blending with Pip's distinctive voice." Lorenzo Ottone previews Pip Blom at The Louisiana.

Anemone // Preview

"Imagine a late-60s French or U.S. female singer à la Hardy or Melanie meeting Saint Etienne on a Madchester trip." Lorenzo Ottone previews Anemone.

The Nude Party // Live Review & Photoset

Nude Party
"Their sound is an explosive, electrifying and buzzing blend of 60s British beat and US garage-rock." The Nude Party - words and photos by Lorenzo Ottone.

Spectrum // Live Review & Photoset

"Should we call Spectrum’s music psychedelic or shoegaze? Probably both and neither at the same time." Lorenzo Ottone reviews Spectrum at The Lanes.

Spectrum // Preview

"Legend is a term way too often abused when it comes to describe artists, but that no doubts fits Pete Kember." Lorenzo Ottone previews Spectrum.

Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres // Live Review & Photoset

"It's when the expectations aren't the highest that Doherty, once again, catches everyone by surprise with a reignited flame." Lorenzo Ottone reviews.