March 13th | Thekla

Worldwide FM DJ and vinyl connoisseur, Gilles Peterson is bringing his Fiesta Bombarda to Bristol for a night of disco and jazzy boogies.

It’s not every day DJs can pride themselves on creating a genre from scratch and influencing, with their musical intuitions, multiple generations of clubbers. Gilles Peterson is nonetheless one of the few who can claim so. Hailing from London, he’s been changing the face of the UK underground since as early as the late 1980s when, alongside fellow DJ and producer Eddie Piller, he gave birth to Acid Jazz Records.

Born as a joke during the acid house heydays, Acid Jazz blended, in a revolutionary way, its founders’ visceral love for 1960s and 1970s soul, jazz and funk with their DJing attitude. Pivotal to the 1990s UK club-edged jazz revival and responsible for launching the likes of The Brand New Heavies, Incognito and Jamiroquai, Acid Jazz has been an era-defining trademark that clubbers with sophisticated tastes could identify themselves with.

Despite leaving Acid Jazz in its early years, unsure about its extremely nostalgic mod feel, the hip-modernist and forward-thinking spirit has always guided Gilles to evolve and move within genres keeping the groove his priority. After working for Jazz FM, he’s been a BBC Radio host since the early 1990s, before embarking on his ambitious online radio project Worldwide FM, which was pivotal in the birth of the London nu jazz scene. He has become a point of reference for music connoisseurs regardless of age or tastes.

His DJsets mirror Gilles’ curious and fresh attitude in exploring jazz, disco, latin, hip-hop and electronica territories. He’ll make you dance to tracks you have probably never heard before, but that’ll be stuck in your head for days. Gilles Peterson’s Fiesta Bombarda isn’t simply a clubnight, it is music culture.

If you’re up for something slightly off the usual club selections, yet you’re ready for a dance craze, Fiesta Bombarda is the night to be this coming Friday.

See Gilles Peterson put on a set for Boiler Room from his own basement here: