Fresh from the release of new single ‘Limousines’, Emily Breeze has gifted us with the b-side and its brilliantly unnerving video.

A cover Buddy Holly’s ‘Raining In My Heart’, the former Candy Darling frontperson twists the original into a dark, Lynchian nightmare, with echoing 50’s guitars barely breaking through the swirling layers of feedback.

Her isolated vocal is cold and calculated, whilst the unnervingly still cartoon landscapes projected onto Breeze only add to the sense that the song has been sent from a parallel universe.

Her new album Rituals is coming out on the 26th October, and Breeze and her band will be celebrating its release with a show at The Cube Microplex on the 26th – though unfortunately its already sold out.

You can catch her at Moles in Bath on the 2nd November if you’ve missed out.