We fell in love with Tara Clerkin‘s album Hello last year, and so are super excited to be able to share new song ‘Children’ – which also happens to be the first track off Breakfast Records’ third compilation, snappily entitled Breakfast 3. As an extra special treat, Breakfast Recs have given us first dibs on revealing who else is going to be on the compilation.

‘Children’ – which is given its first airing on the compilation – is a slow, woozy contemplation by Tara on what her children might be like in the future. It’s an intimate look into Tara’s thoughts, full of both hope and worry, and with its meandering guitar and soft violin, sounds like a late night ponder spilling out.

The Breakfast Records’ compilation is just as impressive, with a whopping 43 tracks. Local acts such as Kate Stapley, Poisonous Birds, Slonk and The Gin Birkins all contributed to the release, as well as some further afield like Leeches and Dama Scout. Even King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have wound up on the comp. Breakfast Recs will be launching the EP on 21st April, with 10 bands playing over 10 hours, at The Louisiana. Get tickets here.

Listen to ‘Children’ below, and check out the full track list for the compilation, and where to get your hands on it, as well.

Pre-order here.

Disc 1:

Chuman – Vincent Van Gogh
Tara Clerkin – Children
Ketibu – Brown Leaf Big Tree
Billy Lubach – Fulgurite
Kate Stapley – These Planets
Grapefruit Moon – Oh Well
Salvation Bill – Milk Taster
Jamie Cruickshank – Loserville
Nicholson Heal – Sullen Comfort
Katie Von Schleicher – Sugar
Dogeyed – Deep Dreaming
Bodega Sisters – Footnote / Static
Green Hands – All Out of Time
Human Bones – Watermelon
Slonk – Anorak
Katie Pham & The Moonbathers – Rice Pasta
Langkamer – Racecar
Chez Ali – Blue Cheese
The Ornsteins – Glacial
Zander Sharp – In Groups
D.J. Anthony – Apple Cores / Chantes

Disc 2:

Pork Pie – Eyes Dance
The Gin Birkins – Ba Ba Dah Bah!
Little Baby Sharks – Iguana Eyes
Something Anorak – Brahminy Kites
Daytime TV – Life Model
Radiators – Big Mister
Gork – Gunk
Broadbay – Fleece
Springbreak – I’m Walking Here
Yukon Era – Tongue
Poisonous Birds – Tangle
John – Squad Vowels
Dream Nails – Lovefuck
Twisted Ankle – My Favourite Shops
Punch On – Ephemeral (A Curse)
Milo’s Planes – Vulture
Leeches – Stranger
Evil Usses – Wellard J. Fowler
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Polygondwanaland
Dama Scout – All in Too
Flat Rufus – Palm Readers
Karl Band – Thuggz