February 4th | Thekla

To know IDER is to understand the faces behind the music, Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick. Formerly known as an acoustic folk duo, Lily & Meg, they have since traded that in for slick indie jams. The pair were put together in a music group at Falmouth University and the rest is history. The much anticipated release of their debut album, Emotional Education has been a long time coming.

The duo were touring as Lily & Meg as early as 2012, so the road to becoming IDER and finding their niche sound has been filled with twists and turns. A year after releasing ‘Sorry’, their first single as IDER, they were signed to Glassnote Records. The various influences they cite as inspirational are the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen.

‘Brown Sugar’ is their very own shape-shifting pop chameleon that soars high but aches with underlying sadness. ‘Mirror’ is perhaps the most personal song they have written, where they give a voice to looking in the mirror after losing a lover. Making a pop record peppered with words like ‘anxious’, repeated phrases like “heal me” and exploring themes of bad parenting, bad relationships and obsession offers a frankness that millennials relate to readily. To see how IDER manifest all this live will be both exciting and thrillingly cathartic.

See Ider play ‘Brown Sugar’ live here: