A hypnotic industrial and punkish cut, ‘Same Mistakes 2049′ is the latest offering from Jackson Veil Panther, the new project from The Naturals’ Felix Drake. Having previously teased tracks on Avon Terror Corps and Bokeh Versions compilations, today’s release marks Jackson Veil Panther’s first stand-alone venture.

Punctuated by frenetic beats and hazy, wavering electronica the track at once offers a blissful escapism and heady sonic onslaught. Having garnered acclaim playing at Illegal Data, The Bristol Germ and shows with the likes of Giant Swan, this new release captures the mesmerising and uninhibited dynamism of his live performances. Speaking on the track Drake reflects “This is the music I would have made as a puerile 10-year-old boy had I had the wherewithal to do so. It is music from and for my inner child, and by extension all the inner/outer children out there”.┬áCheck out the track and video below, and the full three-track release on Bandcamp.

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