10th April | St George’s

Having recently released her fourth album, No Words Left, Lucy Rose is returning to Bristol on the second night of her UK and Europe tour with special guest Samantha Crain. She’ll be taking her weary yet calming acoustic folky tunes to St. George’s. A seemingly appropriate venue, I expect her angelic sound waves to float sweetly through its beautiful acoustics, beckoning out the spirits of each audience member.

Heavenly Rose may sound, but her latest album touches on tense topics such as the lyrics of ‘Solo(w)’, “Something’s missing when I am solo, so low, solo, so low.” Whilst listening to sad songs may be off the doctor’s orders for those of us suffering with frustrations of life, I find there’s nothing quite like sourcing emotive, conscientious songwriting to distinguish my anguish. So, upon hearing the words “I’m afraid and I’m scared and I’m terrified, that these things won’t ever change,” in ‘Treat Me Like A Woman’, the power of music lifts the storm and I allow myself, even if for a moment, to recognise it will change.

In her own words, she’s ‘singing song after song after song’ soothingly, and I’m anticipating the sold-out show to be elevating and soul-restoring.

See the video for ‘Solo(w)’ here: