The Naturals have come out of hiding, and today announced their first show of the new year at Crofters Rights. Support will come from Silver Waves, Jesuits and MXLX on the 25th March, at the Gravy Train curated show.

Since the release of their debut album Hive via Howling Owl in November 2015, the Bristol band have been suspiciously quiet. With members instead focusing on various other projects, including Giant SwanAgatha and The Gnarwhals, the band has seemingly taken a backseat.

Their return show however is promising to more than satiate our want to hear the band’s progressive mix of noise rock, techno and everything inbetween.

But having been together for over 10 years, The Naturals have grown naturally and progressively into a sonic space that is shared by few else.

With Howling Owl label mate and dark dance producer Silver Waves, shoegaze trio Jesuits and the always experimental MXLX playing before, expect the night to be noisey, enthralling and engulfing.

If you’re still able to stand after all of that, John Bence and Kelan will be DJing into the early hours of the morning.

Buy tickets for the show here, RSVP yourself here and listen to ‘2HGS’ from Hive below