If you are looking for something a little relaxing, a little beautiful, but a little melancholic to listen to today, then look no further; Bristol’s Nicholson Heal have it from here.

Their new single – released via Breakfast Records – is the perfect blend of yearning folk and shimmering indie, beginning with twinkling guitars, and ending with euphoric horns.

‘Sullen Comfort’ truly pulls on the heartstrings, the wondrous harmonies and deft, honest lyricism proving the perfect focal point for the glittering guitars and drowsy brass that populate and fill out the wintry world that Nicholson Heal have created on the song.

If, like us, you are totally mesmerised by the song, head down to Cafe Kino on Friday, where you can see Nicholson Heal launch the new song thanks to Breakfast Records. Not only that, but everyone who goes will receive a free download of the track, plus a rad Nicholson Heal temporary tattoo.

Listen to the track below, and get a ticket for the show here.