Post Yoga, the new project of Something Anorak and Pictures of Belgrade’s Chris Barrett, have today self-released their first EP.

Self-titled, the release contains the previously released tracks ‘Smoking Alone Is No Fun’, opener ‘Get Brain’ and ‘Boy Doesn’t Eat Right’.

The project marks a change in direction for the Bristol-based musician, replacing the guitar-integral atmospherics of Pictures of Belgrade for warbling synths, considered harmonic loops and spitting, minimalistic rhythms.

Discussing the release, Barrett explained that he “was eager to write some songs in a different way than usual and play around with ideas that come from that, plus I bought a keyboard for £6 in a charity shop.”

I think the way I write largely stays the same, it’s the vehicle you use to do it that enables you to shape it. I’m enjoying the aesthetic of this little music venture and what its become. I do love a good slice of pop every now and then and enjoy flirting within in those parameters. Feels like karaoke. I love karaoke.” 

Listen to Post Yoga below.