5th March | Thekla

Seafret first came to public attention in 2014 with their dreamy acoustic EP, Give Me Something and it’s been a whirlwind of sound-discovery ever since. Reaching 59th in the UK album charts, their first 2016 album, Tell Me It’s Real summed up this East Yorkshire alternative/indie duo perfectly. Expressively romantic, it tells stories of undying love and youthful adoration, making it the ideal album to cry to. It’s got that sad, sweet melody that brings comfort to the most heart-broken souls – you know, the ones dramatically sobbing over their exes on the kitchen floor.

However, in 2018, Seafret decided to leave the anguish behind and anger rose to the musical surface. The two-guys-one-guitar combo remained but the sound was unmistakably different. Singles ‘Monsters’ and ‘Can’t Look Away’ replaced pining lyrics with grittier tales of heartbreak. It’s the post-breakup empowerment album, leaving you determined to move on, live life, travel the world.

But with the band’s latest single, ‘Loving You’, the anger is all but extinguished. Jack Sedman’s angelic lyrics and Harry Draper’s gentle guitar have returned and we’re back crying over that damn ex again. Seafret’s music seems to ebb and flow through complex emotion and you’re never sure what state their next release will leave you in.

And it’s this ever-changing sound that will make their 2019 EU and UK tour an intriguing one. Will we witness the edgier Seafret sound or will we still be needing the tissues? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

See the video for ‘Oceans’ here: