Sigrid | Live Review & Photoset

17th March | Motion

Photos: Rowan Allen

It’s been a mighty 2018 for Scandi superstar Sigrid already. She’s been hailed as BBC’s Sound of 2018 and she’s currently kicking ass on her first UK tour. In the midst of all this, she’s even dropped a new single. Her sell-out date at Motion is testament to her already cemented fan base here in Bristol.

Kicking things off is support from fellow Norwegian Fred Well, whose warm synth sound and electro-R&B vibes get the crowd going. The suspense slowly builds before Sigrid comes on stage, the atmosphere electric, the audience chanting and cheering. Sigrid’s poised, down-to-earth demeanour is instantly likeable. The crowd instantly warm to her coolness.

Newly-released ‘Raw’ is poignant, with Sigrid hitting the high notes without any difficulty. Her versatile vocal range is incredible, switching from a sensual and touching Sinead O’Connor vibe, to a more Annie-Lennox-meets-Dua-Lipa in songs such as ‘Doing You A Favour’.

“You may know this one” she says modestly, before hurtling straight into ‘Fake Friends’. A roar of applause comes from the crowd, the coloured panels on the back illuminating at the most epic parts of the song with everyone singing the hook “might as well shut down” in unison. The mood is electric and Sigrid is bouncing from one side of the stage to the other. Her graceful hand mannerisms and cool demeanour make her seem like a natural. The repetitive chorus of ‘Doing You A Favour’ has everyone dancing.

She doesn’t seem fazed at all by the fact she’s sold out one of Bristol’s bigger venues. “It’s an honour to be here,” Sigrid announces, followed by, “It’s freezing here, just like Norway”. Her humble and girl-next-door attitude is warming and charming. She introduces the next song by saying, “me and a friend wrote this song on a rainy day.” The slow piano intro to ‘Dynamite’ strikes up, where Sigrid’s mature lyricism truly flourishes.

Then comes ‘In Vain’, a feelgood singalong number which takes an unexpected turn from its initial slow ode. The pinnacle of the night is a song about “belonging together,” her top ten hit, ‘Strangers’. The lights are dimmed, the bass pounds, Sigrid leaps around on stage and the rave-like lighting goes into overdrive. The audience sings the chorus back to Sigrid like some ritualistic chant.

As the song finishes, the lights dim and the place explodes in applause. Sigrid and her band take a bow. “One more song” is chanted. There’s no way anybody is going to be leaving unless Sigrid performs her breakthrough hit, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’.

When Sigrid and her full band return and play ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, the energy in the room is tangible. There’s a breakdown, with just her and the keys playing, slowly building with guitar and drums, gradually increasing in tempo before everyone sings the chorus. As the song finishes, Sigrid appears overwhelmed at what has just happened. She’s made her mark on the city.

It was snowing as we left. Not only did Sigrid bring us off-the-scale tunes, but she also brought the weather from Norway, seemingly.