13th December | O2 Academy

Bands don’t come more Aussie than The Chats. Channelling the spirit of working-class Australian culture into their music, the band broke through with their single ‘Smoko’ back in 2017. A tribute to the sanctity of smoking breaks, the song quickly went viral thanks to a bizarre lo-fi music video and the song’s endlessly chantable, “I’m on smoko” chorus.

Since then, the band have continued to embody all things Australian. It’s not only in the music The Chats make – though their last EP included songs such as ‘VB Anthem’ and ‘Yeah Nah’ – but their image: mullets, shorts and thongs (don’t worry, it’s Australian slang for sandals).

While you could argue that they’ve risked becoming a novelty act, there’s still plenty to the band beyond their overwhelming Australianness. The Chats’ music hearkens back to old-school punk rock acts such as The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, boasting the same sense of attitude and easily moshable sound. They’ve even picked up plenty of notable fans in their rise to fame: earlier this year, Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and Alex Turner were all spotted together at one of their shows.

So, if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to unleash your inner Aussie or just mosh out, this is it.

See the video for ‘Identity Theft’ here: