Photo by Carolin Weinkopf

Why don’t any artists make Easter songs then huh? Anyway here’s a list of great non-Easter related songs that are probably better for not mentioning chocolate eggs and stuff:

Jamie Cruickshank – Loserville

Departing from the earthy folk tones we heard on Bristol’s Jamie Cruickshank’s previous single ‘I Can See Totterdown’, new single ‘Loserville’ is a country-like outpouring, with Jamie counting his losses one by one, before concluding that “I’m on a losing streak”. The sliding guitars and soaring violins add to the melancholy, making the song drift along in a serene beauty that feels at odds with his sad lament.

Bdrmm – Kare

After a collection of hazy EPs, Hull’s Bdrmm break out with this impressive new single. ‘Kare’ is a dreamy, shimmering piece of pop that takes the act out of the bedroom and into the sunlight. Layers of reverb expand the track outwards and the delicate vocal drapes itself over the soft guitars. Glistening introverted guitar pop.

Emily Isherwood – Calibrate

Formally Nugget, Emily Isherwood rebirths with the atmospheric alt-R&B track ‘Calibrate’. Her breathy vocals quietly fill the spaces left by the glitching production, before layers of harmonies burst into the track, backed by swelling keys, bolstering the impressive chorus. The track is out now via Art is Hard, and will leave you excited what else Emily has in the works.

The Weeknd – Call Out My Name

The Weeknd has been King of R&B for a while now (please don’t argue), but on new album (or EP or whatever it is), Abel takes us back to the dark, murky sound that made us fall in love with him in the first place. With the same swinging chorus as ‘Earned It’, but with a darker, sadder core, ‘Call Out My Name’ welcomes you into the project, which sees Abel dropping his cocaine-driven bravado to clear up the mess he’s created. It’ll make you forget Kiss Land ever happened.

Fenne Lily – Car Park

With only a few days till it’s officially released into the wild, Fenne Lily has shared one last track off debut album On Hold. ‘Car Park’ twinkles with twilight guitars, whilst Fenne’s vocals sound worn as she sings “I don’t believe in luck, I don’t believe in much, Leave it all to trust, I start to give it up”. Only three days till the album now, and boy oh boy are we excited.

Goat Girl – Throw Me A Bone

‘Throw Me A Bone’ shows another dimension to South London post-punk outfit Goat Girl. Whilst their previous songs have bristled with country swagger, ‘Throw Me A Bone’ instead drips with with hypnotic guitars, with Warpaint seemingly an obvious reference point. The track shows how quickly the band have developed, bringing a depth a songwriting to their dark instrumentals.

The Altered Hours – On My Tongue

Irish five piece The Altered Hours share this scrappy lo-fi shoegaze-inspired gem. The Jesus and Mary Chain-inspired guitars fuzz constantl, whilst the drawling vocals add a centre of calm to the chaos.

Anna Burch – With You Every Day

Anna Burch’s debut album Quit The Curse is already one of the best of 2018 and if you haven’t listened to it already goddammit what are you doing? Before you indulge yourself in the full record, Anna has released the wonderful ‘With you Every Day’ as a single, with a brilliant video as well.

J F L E – Not Me

Off debut EP ‘Truce’, this cut from J F L E is a lush, pulsating wave of electronica. With minimal rhythms clattering in the background, soft synths float underneath the heavily treated vocals, with the robotic autotune and bouncing delay pitching them somewhere between Daft Punk and Tame Impala. An intriguing listen.

That Hidden Promise – We Can Come Together

Some joyous 80’s-inspired pop from Bristol’s That Hidden Promise. With a chiming lead synth line that recalls Depeche Mode, the song is a bright, charming and optimistic piece of pop. Capturing the spirit of a teenage night out, it’s hard not to crack a smile listening to its nostalgic yearnings.

Come back next week for more of our favourite new tracks.