My original plan for this week’s Tracks of the Week was simply to post every song off the Los Campesinos! album in order, track-by-track, explaining why each was so great. Luckily for you, there was so many other great songs out this week that I’d be doing the whole world a disservice by not not posting them. Here they all are:

Will Joseph Cook – Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)

‘Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)’ has been one of Will Joseph Cook’s best songs for a while now, and this new re-record of it fleshes out the original in all the right places. Still the sunny slice of indie-pop from before, but with added gusto, the song, and fun new video, should get you in the mood for his upcoming debut.

Ohyeahsumi – Daisy

Woozy and hypnotising, it’ll take only seconds for you to be hooked into this debut track from LA twin sisters Ohyeahsumi. Off their debut EP ‘’Your Friends Are Looking For You’ (which is being released by the continually incredible Sports Day Records), the track has a darkness to its breezy instrumentation that fans of Mitski and Japanese Breakfast will dig a lot.

Naropa – Forever Blind

Dreamy, 90’s-indebted indie rock is has been having a bit of a moment over the last few years, and whilst ‘Forever Blind’ very much fits into this category, it still manages to sound fresh and distinct. The vocals, both soft and harsh at the same time, giving a sense of drama and feeling to the pounding drums and stadium-ready chorus.

Idles – Mother

Like all of Idles best songs, and the best punk songs in general, ‘Mother’ is a potent cocktail of the personal and political, distilled through simple, hard hitting lyrics. The Bristol band have already cemented themselves as the most important punk band in the country, but ‘Mother’ proves that they are able to turn complex feelings into simple, hard-hitting phrases in a way that most bands are simply not clever enough to do.

Stay South – Waves

‘Waves’ reveals Canadian folk artist Stay South one of the most intriguing new artists around. The bare bones drumming and warm organ wash through your head, whilst her delicate, husky vocals drift nearly out of earshot. One of those rare songs where you find something new on every listen.

RXC – Sleep

Atmospheric and confident, ‘Sleep’ is, to put it simply, a beautifully composed piece of R&B. Centred around RXC’s emotionally charged vocals, the track’s layers blend and weave to create a wonderful cloud of sparse beats and fluctuating synth lines.

Stormzy – Cigarettes and Kush (feat. Kehlani)

One of the biggest surprises of this year so far is not that south London MC Stormzy’s debut Gang Signs and Prayers is great. No, the biggest surprise is that instead the album of heavy grime that was expected, GSAP shows a soft, gospel-influenced side to Stormzy. ‘Cigarettes and Kush’ is the pick of the bunch, with its soft pianos and minimal beat balancing perfectly with the lovelorn vocals.

Cosmo Pyke – Wish You Were Gone

With chiming lo-fi guitars, deep and husky vocals, and glitching samples, this new track from Cosmo Pyke falls very near territory charted by King Krule. But what separates it from his fellow Londoner is that Cosmo shakes off the hazy fuzz that drapes itself over King Krule’s work, allowing the pop song beneath to shine through.

Girl Ray – Stupid Things

A real smooth slice of 70’s song writing, ‘Stupid Things’ is how pop should be. With drops of Squeeze and Elvis Costello, and maybe a bit of Girls, it’s beautify lies in its simplicity and its three part harmonies. Seriously, there are very few songs that are ruined by a three-part harmony.

Los Campesinos! – The whole of new album ‘Sick Scenes’

Los Campesinos! are one of the best bands in the world. That’s just a fact. I’m struggling to pick just one song off their new album ‘Sick Scenes’ because, frankly, it’s wall-to-wall bangers. I’ve stuck the fantastic video for ‘5 Flucloxacillin’ below, which was directed by Bristol’s James Hankins, but you should go listen to the whole album as well.

Check back next week for some more 10/10 songs.